How to: Get Started

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  • How to get started

    This guide will help you to get started on our Towny Survival SMP.

    Step by step

    This is the first room that all new players spawn in on the server.

    You can leave the room through the portal once you've talked to the NPC (non-player character)

    Once you walked through the portal from the tutorial room you'll be in the main spawn.
    You can always get back here with the command /spawn

    Find the [Quick Travel] npc and talk to him to get out of the spawn, he will random teleport you in the survival world.

    Tips for finding a base location:

    • Quick travel more then once from /spawn
      • It is a random teleport so you can find many areas
    • Once you find a base location type /sethome
    • Use the dynmap
      • Dynmap is a live map of the whole world, so you can see where you are going.

    The world we have is hand made and really cool, but sometimes you want to visit a normal Minecraft world to get items

    Use command /res

    See all Useful Commands


    You have 3 options here:

    1. Use the friend warp from the [quick travel] npc.
      • This means you can not get a random teleport across the map, but at least you will be together and explore on foot.
    2. Use the normal teleport from [quick travel] npc and find eachother later using the dynmap
    3. Use TP Runes to teleport to each other