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  1. Esron

    Molten Spirits & Lava Stones

    Introducing a custom mob in the nether The all new Molten Spirit will make the nether a bit more interesting for everyone. 3% chance to spawn. 10% chance to drop a custom material called Lava Stone. Can not spawn above the bedrock roof. Can not spawn on lava. Custom achievements/advancements...
  2. Esron

    Custom Mobs returning & new achievements

    Open world Custom Mobs return to TMM! After being sidelined for a while we've taken open world custom mobs back into the game! To begin with you have over 70 animals to find, take screenshots of, survive against and try to survive against! It's amazing to watch the animals go about their day...
  3. Esron

    New NPCs in spawn

    Been a while since I posted one of these, I would like to thank Demonic and Kaliber for supporting TMM!
  4. Esron

    Hogron Nerf - Hotfix

    Updates: Half as many rifts / thunder. Fewer Ghastlings. Ghastlings do a bit less damage. The Hoglins that spawn on boss 50% health no longer has the riders.
  5. Esron

    Cosmetic Dahlrunn update: new cosmetic hat

    This has a 5% drop chance from the Goblin Witch Doctors.
  6. Esron

    NEW DUNGEONS: Deadbeard's Cove

    CAPTAIN DEADBEARD IS READY FOR YOU! Welcome to our all new dungeon, we've been working on this non-stop the past few days. This is also the first dungeon we launch with 5 groups and an all new custom music and effects system. With this update there is also 2 new Custom Crafting Recipes, enjoy!
  7. Esron

    Dungeons update: Lives & Checkpoints

    ALL NEW CHECKPOINTS AND LIVES Dahlrunn changes Each player in a group has 2 spare lives and can die twice without losing the run. Starship Changes Each player in a group has 2 spare lives and can die twice without losing the run. Yogg-Saron does not have spare lives.
  8. Esron

    Massive dungeons update Tuesday 30th March

    Updates and a ton of bug fixes, this should make dungeons A LOT more fun to play and you have higher chance of crafting the cool magic gear. General fixes: Fixed bug where a body part of a custom mob could fall off. You can no longer hit mobs through walls. Fixed issue where a boss could go...
  9. Esron

    Yogg-Saron big fixes & drops update

    Some major fixes and updates to Yogg-Saron. No more stuck at spawn point bug. Increased the chance of getting the brains material A LOT, now it's actually 50/50.
  10. Esron

    Bow skins now purchasable

  11. Esron

    Huge boost to the item drop rates of Hogron (Dahlrunn)

    The chance of getting a special material from Hogron went from 25% to 100% now. Let's see if you lot don't make some magic bows now :) Click here to see all drop rates.
  12. Esron

    New /guide options, VIP info and Survival Statistics

    You can now find user statistics and VIP perks links in /guide.
  13. Esron

    12 new NPCs in the spawn city!

    It's been a while since I made a post like this, but we've got quite a few new NPCs in Towny Survival spawn! Thank you to these people who have donated for the first time the past month and help TMM being able to make all the cool stuff we are making! Please contact me if you wish your NPC to...
  14. Esron

    Updated model for Spaceworm in Starship dungeon! (By ChallengerBoo)

    Well done @ChallengerBoo! Your first ever mob model looks awesome.
  15. Esron

    Dahlrunn polishing update

    Updates: Fixed an issue with some rooms being empty after you walk close enough to spawn mobs, then move away far enough for them to despawn. Mobs no longer despawn during a dungeon run, they despawn when the dungeon ends or when the last player leaves. Players where pulling Borghild out of...
  16. Esron

    Starship polishing update

    Changes: Added new cool animated door in first room. Made the boss slightly easier by reducing damage on the teleport attack (to 3 from 5). Added 1 more Mage to counter the bug where some people got higher Scores then possible before. Fixed the bug where normal mobs could spawn in the dungeon.
  17. Esron

    February Dungeons Update

    After MANY hours of work we finally present to you a completely new dungeons system, updated dungeons, new bosses, new gear, new items and more excitement then ever. List of changes General Changes: New dungeons system, where each group of a dungeon is no longer a sign but now a separate...
  18. Esron

    Welcome back Daily Bonus gui!

    Due to the amount of bugs that happens with the dailybonus NPC conversation we used, we've decided to go back to a GUI based system. Hopefully there are no more bug reports from Daily Bonuses!